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Jiuding Group Party Committee and Discipline Commission Elected Party Members'Congress Successfully
Release time:2019-06-28        From:Newspaper news

? ? On the afternoon of June 28, Jiuding Group held a general meeting of Party committees and disciplines committees to elect Party members. More than 120 Party members from 19 branches participated in the meeting. Such as Zhong Jiyuan, director of the Workers'Committee of the City Street People's Congress, attended the meeting and gave guidance.

Report by Feng Yongzhao, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee

? ? The conference officially began with the loud national anthem. Comrade Feng Yongzhao organized the preparatory work report for the congress. The preparations for the conference began in May. After intensive work in the early stage, careful and adequate preparations were made in terms of ideology, organization, materials and conference affairs, and all preparations were in place.

Report by Gu Qingbo, Secretary of the Party Committee

? ? At the meeting, Comrade Gu Qingbo wrote the Report on the Work of the Party Committee on behalf of the Party Committee. He said that in the past three years, the Party Committee of the Group has firmly adhered to its ideals and beliefs, adhered to the development of service enterprises, and steadily increased its economic benefits; deepened the promotion of excellent performance model and Amiba management concept, and effectively improved its enterprise management level; adhered to the Party management culture, focusing on the cultivation of common values, and significantly strengthened its organizational vitality. We should improve the branch mechanism and strengthen the construction of leading groups so as to give full play to the role of ties. At the same time, he laid out the main tasks for the next five years: to comprehensively promote ideological and political work and corporate culture construction, play the leading role of spiritual civilization; to adhere to the economic construction as the center, serve the production and operation of enterprises; to strengthen organizational construction, play a vanguard and exemplary role.

Report by Jiang Yongjian, a member of the Party Committee

? ? Comrade Jiang Yongjian was commissioned by the previous Discipline Commission to write the Report on the Work of the Discipline Commission. In the past few years, the previous Discipline Commission has worked hard to cooperate with the Party Committee in carrying out various tasks, playing an active role in promoting economic development, strengthening the education of Party members and training Party members and cadres. In the future, the Discipline Commission will continue to fully perform the duties entrusted to it by the Party Constitution, carry out in-depth work of building a clean and honest Party conduct, supervise and inspect the work, and escort the realization of the Jiuding Dream.

Party members vote

? ? The General Assembly elected a new leading group of the Party Committee and Discipline Commission of the Jiuding Group in Jiangsu by secret ballot. Seven comrades, Feng Yongzhao, Liu Yaqin, Jiang Yongjian, Gu Ruojian, Gu Zhenhua, Gu Qingbo and Cao Zhengbing, were elected members of the new Party Committee; three comrades, Liu Yaqin, Wu Zhenzhi and Li Zhaozhao, were elected members of the new Discipline Commission.
? ? During the adjournment of the Party Congress, a new plenary session of the Party Committee and a plenary session of the Discipline Committee were held. Comrade Gu Qingbo was elected as the new Party Secretary, Comrades Feng Yongzhao and Liu Yaqin were elected as the new Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, and Comrade Liu Yaqin was elected as the new Secretary of the Discipline Committee. The General Assembly adopted the Resolution on the Election of Party Members by the Party Committee and Discipline Commission of Jiangsu Jiuding Group.

Speech by Director Zhong Jiyuan of Rucheng Street People's Congress

? ? Finally, Mr. Zhong Jiyuan, Director of the Workers'Committee of the People's Congress of the City Street, made a speech. He put forward four suggestions for Jiuding's Party building work: first, we should improve our political position and attach great importance to Party building work; second, we should focus on the goal and strive to achieve leapfrog development of enterprises; third, we should take the lead in innovation and constantly improve the level of enterprise development; fourth, we should pay attention to the cultivation of talents, the organic combination of internal training and external attraction.
? ? This Party Congress is a major event in the political life of Jiuding Party members and an important task in Party building. Its successful convening lays a solid foundation for the following Party building work. (Yao Jing, Party and Mass Office)

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