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Continuous Filament Mat

Jiuding Continuous Filament Mat is made of continuous fiberglass strands randomly looped in multiple layers. The glass fibre is equipped with a silane coupling agent that is compatible with Up,Vinyl ester and epoxy resins etc and the layers held together with a suitable binder. This mat can be manufactured in many different areal weights and widths as well as in large or small quantities.

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Performance and Feature

1.Stable & different LOI guaratee various application in pultrusion, RTM, SRIM, compression, Lamination, etc.

2.Excellent agent guarantee various resin compatibility.

4.Very good adaptability in moulds of complex shapes.

5. Excellent property of die-cut.

6. Excellent mechanical property.

7. Easy to cut, splice and overlap with reduced waste.

8. Fast flow through.

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