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" Jiangsu Jiuding New Material Co,Ltd is now the manufacturing base of FRP products, one of the top 100 Chinese building material enterprises, the leading enterprise of Chinese industry(fiberglass and its products), national key hi-tech enterprise, National and provincial torch plan project implementation enterprise, national trustworthy enterprise, Jiangsu provincial quality management award enterprise, Nantong quality management award enterprise."

—— Jiangsu Jiuding New Material Co,Ltd

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High silica fabric

High silicone cloth is a kind of special glass fiber which is heat-resistant, insulation and soft.The fabric is easy to process and has a wide range of applications. It is applied to produce heat-resistant, ablative, heat-insulating and heat preserve material. It can be used at 1000 ° C for a long time and has an instant heat resistance temperature of 1450 ° C.

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